Sailor Moon-3

How to tell that you are obssessed with Sailor Moon

you sing/hum Moonlight Densetsu in your sleep at 3 AM and your dad tells you to shut up

your mom calls you Sailor Goon

you called your beagle Sailor Coon when you thought it was a coonhound

having Moonlight Densetsu stuck in your permanently is a good thing

your itunes contains mostly Sailor Moon music

you call your cats Luna, Artemis, and Diana even though they look nothing like them

you are up until 11 PM on Sailor Moon sites

you try to transform into a sailor scout at the swimming pool

you think you are Sailor Moon

you act like Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune at the swimming pool

you think your teacher who has red hair and is strict is Queen Beryl

you make up your own lyrics to Moonlight Densetsu

you think the boys in your class are shittennou

you and your friends made a list of people who look/act like sailor scouts

you want a crescent moon tattoo on your forehead

you say transformation phrases when getting dressed

you oversleep and miss school

you are a crybaby and a klutz

your goal in life is to buy the Japanese version of the star locket in gold and pink

you want all 18 volumes of the manga in English and Japanese

you also want all 3 volumes of Codename Sailor V

you want Sailor Stars and the missing/uncut episodes to be aired in the U.S.

when the English theme song is played you always sing Moonlight Densetsu

you can sing Moonlight Densetsu in English and Japanese

you have over 1000 Sailor Moon songs on your itunes

you want to learn how to play Moonlight Densetsu on the piano and guitar

you tried to convince your dad to watch the Super S movie with you

you try to play Sailor Moon with your Legos and Playmobil sets

you have a folder of Sailor Moon drawings

you draw Sailor Moon characters best with pencils, Crayola markers, and a white colored pencil

in art class your art is always somehow related to Sailor Moon

you want to wear a sailor fuku to school

you can see visions in fire like Rei

you thought Sailor Uranus was a boy

when you gave birth you screamed "Star Gentle Uterus!"

you have dressed up as every Sailor Moon character

you have made Miis for your Wii that look like all the Sailor Senshi

your Mii on the Wii is named Sailor Mii because you couldn't fit the word moon

you want the Japanese version of the star locket

you are making this wikia

you know Moonlight Densetsu by heart

you don't get why your parents liked Ponyo but they hate Sailor Moon

you go on ebay and can tell which DVDS are bootlegs just by looking at them

you want your ears pierced 3 times, crescent moon earrings, star earrings, or rose earrings

you have dyed your hair blonde, black, blue, pink, brown, green, or aqua green

you wear pearl barrettes in your hair

you want your wedding dress to look like Princess Serenity's

you have asked Pegasus for help during floor hockey at gym class

you want Moonlight Densetsu to be played for your first dance at your wedding

you had a Christmas ornament that you thought was the Silver Crystal

you have a crescent moon shaped pillow

you think your stuffed animals are your planet guardians

you are learning to speak Japanese to watch the Sailor Stars season

you know someone who has a 300 IQ

you have a friend who is good at cooking

you love collecting bunny items

you want people to call you odango-atama

you have a friend who works as a priestess at shinto shrine and has 2 pet crows named Phobos and Demios

you have a friend who mixes up common phrases

you know someone who plays the violin

you know someone who likes to drive racecars

you know someone who is obssessed with learning about time travel

you know someone who knows all about destruction

you always fight with your mom even though you have not given birth to your daughter yet

you want to go to Tokyo for your honeymoon to buy Sailor Moon stuff

you always say "chibi chibi" at the end of every sentence

you have a friend who has a New York accent and she is not from New York

you want to sing Moonlight Densetsu on American Idol

you want to do Sailor Moon as a school play

you sing Moonlight Densetsu when walking your dogs

you practice saying Sailor Moon's Japanese introduction speech

you call yourself Serenity and your boyfriend Endimiyon

you have an addiction for Ramen and Japanese sweets

your favorite foods are Chinese and Japanese

your brothers refer to anime as porn (it is not!!)

you pointed a gun at someone and demanded for the Silver Crystal

the Evil Monkey from Family Guy is your guardian animal

you long for your well-deserved happy end

you cry uncontrollably in the endless moonlight

your cat hates when you sing to Moonlight Densetsu

you have tons of Sailor Moon sites bookmarked on your computer

you practice saying Sailor Moon's Japanese intro speech and do the poses too

your mom has started calling you bunny

the dubs suck

you want to send pictures to Takeuchi Naoko-Sama

you want to travel to Japan and meet her

you want to have a Japanese penpal for the sake of getting Sailor Moon stuff

you're mad 'cause Albania,Hong Kong,Italy,and Brazil got the redubs but not the U.S. yet

You're playing frisbee golf and you hit two of your friends with the frisbee

you shout "Moon Tiara Magic!" when throwing a frisbee

you think that all your enemies are from any evil orginization from Sailor Moon and send out Youma to kill you

you swear you see Sailor Moon characters in the clouds

you have a toy crystal that you call your Maboroshi no Ginzuishou

you have a blue toy crystal heart that you think is Sailor Mercury's Sailor crystal

your goal in life is to collect the complete Sailor Moon series (PGSM,anime,movies,manga,Sera Myu,etc.)

Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun is your comfort anime

you saw a monarch butterfly and thought it was Princess Kakyuu

you thought saw Chibi Chibi chasing the same butterfly

you swear that the red bacchi ball that were using in P.E. was Pluto's garnet orb

you think that your crush is Prince Endimiyon