The star locket was first appeared in season 1 of the anime. During a battle Tuxedo Kamen dropped it and Sailor Moon picked it up. The orgel or locket played Moonlight Densetsu when opened. During the time of the Silver Millienium on the Moon Kingdom Princess Serenity gave it to Prince Endimiyon before the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. During a battle with the evil Queen Beryl Sailor Moon used it to heal the brainwashed Prince Endimiyon. In the manga and PGSM the orgel was replaced by a star shaped watch. The star locket toy is very hard to find. I have seen it on ebay for over $300. There is a gold version and a rare pink version made by the Japanese toy company Bandai. There are also Korean and European versions too. The star locket is an item that is coveted by Sailor Moon fans.