Sailor Moon Characters

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The champion of love and justice, I'm Sailor Moon! Usagi Tsukino first learned that she could transform into Sailor Moon from A talking cat with a crescent moon on her forehead named Luna. She received a transformation brooch which allowed her to transforminto Sailor Moon by shouting "Moon Prism Power Make-Up!". In her past life she was known as Princess Serenity, princess of the Silver Millenium moon kingdom. Her mother, Queen Serenity sent her daughter and her guardian scouts to Earth to live their lives. Usagi's first tranformation was activated by shouting "Moon Prism Power Make-Up!". Her second and third transformations are "Moon Cosmic Power Make-Up" and "Moon Crystal Power Make-Up" (please provide info of the origins of these two transformations). Her fourth transformation, Super Sailor Moon happened when the three talismans joined together to create the Holy Grail. In order to activate this form she needed to say "Moon Crisis Power Make-Up". Her fifth transformation Eternal Sailor Moon (Please tell me when this transformation was first activated) required her to say "Moon Cosmos Power Make-Up". In the future she rules the Earth from Crystal Tokyo as Neo Queen Serenity. She became Neo Queen Serenity after saving the Earth from a second ice age in the second Sailor Moon movie Hearts On Ice. Her ultimate transformation is Sailor Cosmos (I need more info on this too).

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